For those who don't know me: I administer this list.

I have been receiving a lot of email recently that has been sent to the
wrong address.  Given the size of the list (well over 500 at present),
this is not unexpected.

But, each incorrectly addressed email requires extra effort on my part,
so please read the following information carefully.

The CORRECT address for sending articles is aquatic-plants at actwin_com.
Alternatively, you can reply to incoming email from the list, but if you
do this, be sure to change the subject line to something appropriate.

Putting words like "help" and "subscribe" in the subject line, or in
the body of a short message, can cause your article to be bounced.

INCORRECT addresses for sending articles include all of the following:
owner-aquatic-plants - this is the address of the list owner (moi).
aquatic-plants-owner - ditto.
majordomo at actwin_com - this is for subscribing and unsubscribing. Put
                       subscribe aquatic-plants
                       unsubscribe aquatic-plants
                       as the case may be, in the BODY of the message.
                       Subscription and unsubscription requests should
                       NOT be sent to any other address unless you 
                       run into trouble using this method.

Thanks for your attention.  Back to plants.

Shaji Bhaskar, Durham, North Carolina                   shaji at nando_net