MH ballast etc from Grainger

> APD Volume 01 : Number 183
> From: Doug Valverde <75051.160 at compuserve_com>
> Date: 10 Jan 96 09:03:21 EST
> Subject: Lighting a 2 foot deep tank
> They sell those cheap incandescent shop lights for about $7.00.  You can find
> ones that have a nice aluminum parabolic reflector.  Ditch the light and
> fixture, replace it with MH, and voila for 7 bucks you have your reflector.

That sounds like a very good plan. Are those the ones that aim the
light nearly straight down? That would be ideal. I think I've seen the
large ones for mercury vapour installed at Costco.

> BTW for 250 Watt MH ballast check out Grainger, they have them 
> starting at less
> then a hundred bucks, and they also carry the MH bulbs and sockets.

Does that include the ballast enclosure and the wires and plugs?
You could wire up a system on your own or get somebody to do it for
you. Where is Grainger? Is it mail order? Would KB be able to go
through them in Malaysia? Always Lighting, where I got mine had the
enclosures made up by a sheet metal place and wired everything else
up from off the shelf electrical parts.