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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 14:16:27 GMT-6
Subject: help with improving my plant setup
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i am trying to be a budget aquariest, because i have no money, 
because i am still in college.  so i was first off wondering if 
anyone could give me some advice or confirm my current procedures as 
beneficial to my tank.

here's my setup: 90 gallon fw
        7 red breasted pirnaha (3-4.5")
        1 pleco (7")
        8+ crypts (various species)
        12+ vallisneria (corkscrew and giant)
        6 amazon swords
        6+ swords grasses
        1 apongo
        1 fluval (403 with media and sponge)
        1 power head (hooked to diy co2)
        4 40W flourescent bulbs
        from garden store for house plants, 
        no chlorine, approx other:
            16% nitrogen
            4%  phosphoric acid
            11% potash
    also i have seen some people offerin free plant clippings.  if i 
could have some that would be greatly appreciated. :) also those of 
you that have the skill to need to weed your tank if you have the 
time could you send me a message detailing your setup.

        rlknight at rex_smumn.edu