Re: Mangrove Donation

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996 Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com wrote:
> From: Charley Bay <charleyb at hpgrla_gr.hp.com>
> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 9:35:23 MST
> Subject: Mangrove donation?
> Hi, everybody...
> I recently donated a 220 gallon tank to a school in my
> town.  The teacher is a friend of mine, and is also
> an aquarist (teaching biology and environmental science, 
> junior-high school level).  It was rather painful for me 
> to see the tank go, but my wife made it absolutely clear 
> that I was not allowed to have another tank in the house 
> ("But I got this one at a great price!" I said).
> Anyway, they are setting it up as a paludarium, and
> it will hold about 120 gallons (I'm guessing) based
> on the way they are doing it.  They will have both
> aquatic plants and emersed bog plants, and are even
> trying to go with a river setup.
> I have some plants to donate, but the teacher
> specifically asked for a mangrove plant.  I don't
> have that, but told him I would make an appeal here.
> I'm willing to buy it from anybody on this list, and
> pay shipping also (as a donation to the effort).


I can get mangrove plants over here in Singapore, although I don't know 
what species are available or how much they cost. I take it 
that you are looking for seeds or seedlings (they grow to small trees).

If I ship to you across the Pacific I strongly suggest that you go for 
"fruits". The "fruits" look a bit like big french beans, about a foot 
long. They are actually partially germinated seeds with the root growing 
into the stake. Postage shouldn't cost too much, under USD $5. 

Please give details on what you actually need, how many, what type etc.

Happy to help,
Kevin Lim
aki00021 at leonis_nus.sg