Re: SFAS Auction


I concur, it was a success. Your professional labeling of the bags was a
thoughtful gesture and added to the success. Although I left with only
salvinia and Malaysian trumpets, I was in wreckless persuit of the crypts and
the larvigatum until my SO snatched the "bid-plate" from my hands :-(


In a message dated 96-01-07 03:46:40 EST, you write:

>One list member sent me five species (below).  I cut each species into
>three equal bags.   The amounts below are the TOTAL for the species. 
>The SFAS will take 30% and I have about $5 out of pocket for bags.  I
>will donate the
>Lim. aquatica       $9.50
>Het. zosterifolia    $9.50
>Salvinia sp.         $4
>Lim. larvigatum     $24.50!!!!!
>Bacopa caroliniana  $14.50
>I think that is more that one would have gotten from a store.  
>Other species sold were:
>Rotala rotundifolia
>Java moss
>Java fern
>Salvinia (2 species, unidentified)
>Water sprite
>and, last but certainly not least,...
>Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia
>and several bags of snails (Malaysian live bearers and ramshorns).