>From: Eric Neustadter <ean at primenet_com>

>On a related subject, does anyone have any experience with Terralit?

I'm using Terralit. This is my first serious planted tank and therefore the
first substrate additive that I've used so I can only say that so far it
seems good. It's easy and not messy -- doesn't cloud the water. I'm getting
good plant growth but I am adding CO2 and fertilizer. The plants I've
pulled up have good roots if that's any indication. Unfortunately I didn't
fully understand the benefit of substrate heating so that will have to wait
for my next planted tank.

>Does anyone on the east coast want my snow shovel?
>Funny, but I haven't used it since I moved to Phoenix (grin).

I have one to offer too. We rarely need those things here in Lotus Land! :)
Some of our cherry trees are blooming!!

Vancouver, B.C.