> From: Calvin Chin <ad7437188 at v9001_ntu.ac.sg>
> Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 08:32:33 +0800
> As my tank was converted from a marine setup, I had the chance to
> start everything anew with some equipment carried forward. Right now,
> my ozoniser and protein skimmer are idling. Can I use them in my
> feshwater plant setup? 

No.  The protein skimmer won't work because fresh water does not have
the proper characteristics to form the fine bubbles needed (unless you
have a very scummy koi pond).  The ozonizer is not needed since the
plants will provide plenty of oxygen and you won't need the reactive 

> What does the 500 plus MV reading which would be unattainable for
> Marine Tanks mean for me?

Our ORP generally runs between 490 mv and 560 mv and indicates the
state of the filters.  Lower values mean it's time to clean out the
Eheim and change the trickle filter pads. 

George in Sunny Northern Colorado