Re: Thread algae

> From: u7211aa at sunmail_lrz-muenchen.de (Michael Irlbeck)
> Date: Wed, 03 Jan 96 17:16:34 CET
> However, there is a persistent problem with thread algae (the green,
> spider web like, hairy stuff which makes long, well, 'threads') and
> now I'm out of ideas for fighting them.
> NO2=n.d, NO3<12.5 mg/l, PO4=n.d, Fe barely detectable (<0.05 mg/l).
> 7 drops of the daily stuff.
> I am trying to stay on the low side with the iron, since George
> reported increased thread algae growth with higher iron levels.

Do you trust your iron test kit?  I would try reducing the daily drops
to 5 or 6 for a week or so and see what happens.  The only time we see
thread algae is when the iron goes over 0.1 ppm (measured with a
Lamotte iorn test kit). 

Note: We don't start daily drops until 3 days after a water change -
the plant tablets also contain enough iron for that period.