Re: Paint surplus

>   Could you tell me more about the paint.  I have been looking for 
> information for years.  I dont think I want to fool with the paint left 
> in a can but I could try to find it locally if I knew the brand name and 
> type of paint.
> Thanks, F. Wayne Johnson

I'll get more specific information Wednesday.  My friend
had telephoned the manufacturer telling him what he wanted,
and the manufacturer ended up donating a gallon of aqua-marine
marine epoxy because it was for a school.  The company rep
just said that it was used by MarineLand, was safe for
fish, but (because this was in a tank) just use a good long
curing time (he said six weeks).

I would think that black would be a nice background color.
I'll get the company name and address and post it when
I find out more.

If anybody else cares, half a gallon left (fresh), free or 
trade.  This is expensive stuff, and I'd hate to see it