Re: DIY dual strip light

>From: netmaker at ix_netcom.com (Barbara Burbank )
>Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 07:11:56 -0800
>Subject: Dual Light Strip Lights
>This is my first post to this list and I want to say how much I have 
>enjoyed lurking here.  I have learned a lot from your collective 
>  I have a standard 20gal/high tank that came with the standard 1 bulb 
>hood.  Since this is not enough light to grow most plants, I wanted to 
>know if anyone has had any experience with the Perfecto Dual Light 
>Strips.  Do these provide enough light for growing plants?  Are there 
>any other options for those of us who are not handy with DIY projects?  
<Rest of post deleted> 


I wrote a short article a while back about a DIY 24" dual strip light that I
built for my son's 20 gal. high tank. If you are interested in reading it,
let me know and I can E-Mail you a copy.


Jay Bickford

Fort Smith, Arkansas.