SFAS auction outcome

One list member sent me five species (below).  I cut each species into
three equal bags.   The amounts below are the TOTAL for the species. 
The SFAS will take 30% and I have about $5 out of pocket for bags.  I
will donate the

Lim. aquatica       $9.50
Het. zosterifolia    $9.50
Salvinia sp.         $4
Lim. larvigatum     $24.50!!!!!
Bacopa caroliniana  $14.50

I think that is more that one would have gotten from a store.  

Other species sold were:

Rotala rotundifolia
Java moss
Java fern
Salvinia (2 species, unidentified)
Water sprite
and, last but certainly not least,...
Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia

and several bags of snails (Malaysian live bearers and ramshorns).

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com