Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #174

My wife is interested in setting up a tank of her own!!!!! Now for reasons 
that I am sure are plain to all who have partners that raise their eyes to the
heavens when they notice another aquaria expenditure, can understand why I'd
like to nurture this interest with the very utmost of care. :*))  She is 
interested in Platys but also likes the look of a tank that I have set up with
Barbs and plants.  Java fern and unidentified crypts.  My question is how much
salt do platys need in the water to stay healthy and will that not adversely 
effect the plants???  Consider your responses carefully, this is an issue of 
extreme importance, got to get it right the first time, may not happen again 
should there be disaster.  :*O  
	On a less desparate note, any one got any Java Fern they want to sell 
me??? This is hardy stuff that I'm sure will survive a mailing.  Love to get  
a bunch.
			Thankyou all for your time and consideration.

					Miles Morrissey
					Easthampton, MA
					mmmorris at smith_edu