Submerging lights

>The thing I've been tossing around is:  You know those compact fluorescent
>screw-in type tubes?  Well, if you could control the temperature properly, you
>would probably be able to submerge the end of one of those tubes (preferably
>the planar arrangement in the tank and get significantly higher transmission
>rates into the water.

A local aquarium store I visited for the first time showed me submersible
fluorescent fixtures and highly recommended them for plants (too late for
my set-up). If interested, I could go back and get the name of the product.

It's a clear tube that encloses the fluorescent lamp. Black rubber-looking
sockets at each end. The fixture attaches by suction cups to the wall of
the tank. This seems to limit placement to the water line because any lower
and the fixture will block your view of the plants in the tank. Of course,
the lamp against the back wall can be lowered.

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