Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #173

Mr. Wang from Mississippi asked about light for growing algae.
In "Dynamic Aquaria" by Addey and Loveland the algae scrubbers use Metal 
halide fixtures. High pressure sodium is the most efficient as far as 
convertion of electricity to lumens but the spectrum is very low, about 
2000K compared to about 5000k for sunlight. Quartz halogen though 
initially cheap has a very high output of heat representing wasted 
electricity. There is a gentleman in my area that grows green water to 
raise rotifers for his Marine Clownfish hatchery, he uses fourescent 
bulbs. You need to chec out the *.Aquaria faq for how to grow algae. 
Hope this helps.
F. Wayne Johnson
(Aquayne) Milton, WV