Mangrove donation?

Hi, everybody...

I recently donated a 220 gallon tank to a school in my
town.  The teacher is a friend of mine, and is also
an aquarist (teaching biology and environmental science, 
junior-high school level).  It was rather painful for me 
to see the tank go, but my wife made it absolutely clear 
that I was not allowed to have another tank in the house 
("But I got this one at a great price!" I said).

Anyway, they are setting it up as a paludarium, and
it will hold about 120 gallons (I'm guessing) based
on the way they are doing it.  They will have both
aquatic plants and emersed bog plants, and are even
trying to go with a river setup.

I have some plants to donate, but the teacher
specifically asked for a mangrove plant.  I don't
have that, but told him I would make an appeal here.

I'm willing to buy it from anybody on this list, and
pay shipping also (as a donation to the effort).

Additionally, they had a gallon of marine paint
donated, and used half of it.  It sells for $100/gallon,
and is the same stuff used by MarineLand and numerous
public aquariums.  It's aqua-marine, and there's half
a gallon left.  We don't have a use for it, but if
anybody wants it (trade, free, whatever) drop me a line.
I suppose I could find somebody with a pool, but I
figured it would be nicer to have it go to a nice
DIY wood tank.  (I just don't want it to go to waste.)

I'm going to guest-lecture next Wednesday to the class
on aquatic plants, biology, and other assorted
morphology and propagation issues.  Anybody have ideas
on neat things to do or info to cover?  I'm going to
bring about 12 very different species so they can
see some of the forms and colors of aquatic plants.

Thanks again.