Over-filteration and algae update


Just in case anyone interested. In APD#108 I wrote about my
experience on how filtration and current affecting algae growth.
I then changed my powerhead CO2 reactor from blowing across the tank
causing a lots of tiny gas bubbles and strong current to a more
localizes method. Here is the result one month later. 

- The brush algae stop growing on new leaves. Even though the 
  CO2 level is higher now, the growth rate of my Echinodorus
  still remained suggesting that it (brush algae) got nothing 
  to do with my CO2 level.
- Blue-Green algae is trying to start again as can be seen at 
  the place where gravel surface meet the front glass.
- It has little effect on the green algae. I try to use a 2"
  pleco to clean it and end up with a horrible looking tank as 
  most of my Echinodorus leaves got scrap and holes by this pleco.