Goldfish temps

> A comment about goldfish. Someone said that goldfish go dormant (won't
> eat) below 55 F and are stressed above 75 F. That is not always the
> case. I have goldfish outdoors in 30 gal tanks now. Had them before in
> above ground plastic pools also. They are fine in freezing weather; have
> to break through the ice though to feed them (pellets). They are slower
> and do eat less. Main concern is ice getting thick and expanding - might
> crack glass tanks. The tanks are in full sun during the summer and the
> water gets above 95 F. They eat and excrete quite a bit - the water gets
> to be like pea soup from the algae.

This is off the topic of the plant list but I had to answer. I keep
goldfish and am in touch with goldfish farms and some experts from the
national goldfish society pretty often, as well as hobbyists on the
goldfish list.

The information I posted, not correctly repeated in the above post, is
based on our experiences. Folks who keep goldfish outdoors in cold climates
usually "fatten" them up during the summer with carbohydrates in
preparation for the winter. Below 55F, goldfish hardly move and eat. You
don't have to feed them at that stage if you've prepared them well.

At 75F, I said the goldfish would like some extra oxygen. That temp has
turned out to be pivotal in our experience. The reason is that the water
holds less oxygen at higher temperatures and goldfish need more than
slim-bodied tropical fish. Around 80F, odd things happen; goldfish don't
die but summertime is a period when many people's goldfish develop
problems. With enough oxygenation, easier in outdoor tanks and ponds,
problems are less likely. But one can keep goldfish healthier by sticking
to temps below 75F.

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