Subject: Fertilliser

> I wonder if the Tropica Liquid Fertilliser is better than the Du
> fertilliser and the Duplaplant 24. I've been using the Dupla for
> I'm considering changing it as it's getting expensive. Has anyon
> tried it yet?

I have been using Tropica Mastergrow for about 6 months.  At first 
I used it in just one of my tanks while I continued to use the 
Dupla fertilizers in my other tanks.  I have become convinced that 
at least in my tanks, the Tropica fertilizer works at least as 
well, and has the added advantage that it is added once a week 
with water changes rather than having to remember daily drops. 


Subject: No string of O2 bubbles.
> My planted aquarium has been in operation for a year but I've ne
> any srting of 02 bubbles streaming from the plant. I've in fact 
> lush plant growth with MV readings in excess of 500.My tank setu
>         - 500 litre, trickle filter (overflow)
>         - 150 W metal Halide
>         - C02 injected. Continuous PH monitoring
>         - temp maintained at 28 degrees celsius, general hardnes
> degrees german hardness, carbonate hardness at 3dh
>  My questions are:
> 1.      Is this normal? I've been reading postings from this lis
> everyone seems to be achieving this phenomenon except me. Is it 
> water has a slight current as there is a powerhead swirling insi
> Plant growth is normal and in fact my cabomba is growing well.

It is perfectly possible to have good growth and not see )2 
pearling.  You will only see O2 bubbles when the O2 content in the 
tank exceeds saturation.  A heavy fish load, among other things 
can prevent the O2 from climbing high enough to see pearling.  If 
your plants are growing well, don't worry about it.
> 2.      As my tank was converted from a marine setup, I had the 
> start everything anew with some equipment carried forward. Right
> ozoniser and protein skimmer are idling. Can I use them in my fe
> plant setup? What does the 500 plus MV reading which would be un
> for Marine Tanks mean for me?

Sorry, you'll have to explain further.  What's an "MV reading"?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA