Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #168

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good holiday, and that your year is full of
happy plants and fish! I have a couple of questions. My pet shop got in
Madagascar Lace plants and I bought one. I don't know which one, it has a large
"bulb?" which looks like it was cut at the bottom. (Looks more like a tuber)
There are roots comming out of the top of the bulb/tuber. Do you bury this
bulb? It has a few small leaves which have the characteristic lacey look. I put
it in the main plant tank (Discus) and half buried the bulb. I don't know
whether I should totally bury it or not. I don't think I have any Crypts left
in this tank, I do have a lot of other Aponogetons and some various
Echinodorus. My main concern is how much of the bulb to bury. (Geez I'm wordy

My second question involves my other so called plant tank which I want to start
working on. It has maybe two plants left alive and this tank needs work! It has
an undergravel filter which I could dismantle, after I buy a power filter.
People say they have successful plant tanks with UG filtration. How do you
vacuum the gravel, when it has laterite and plant tabs? Do you not use
additives, or dou you just use liquid ones? This tank has all this floating
debris in it, and it sucks! :) I just took out the powerhead because I thought
there was too much water movement, and maybe thats why nothing was growing in
there. Now the UG is just powered by an air pump. I need HELP. (Psychiatric?)

Carol Darnell