Flourescent tubes w/reflectors

> > From: ljw at voyagerco_com (Larry West)
> >
> > My question is: Are the flourescent tubes with built-in or attached
> > reflectors worth the extra couple bucks? Specifically, Coralife offers
> > their Trichromatic with or without the reflector. In a hood without a
> > really good reflector behind the tubes, would these tubes help me to put
> > more of the light into the tank?
> Not really.  The piece of silver tape they slap on the outside of the
> tube only increases the output of the bulb in free space bu 5% and
> prevents *any* kind of reflector from helping.  Not worth the extra $3
> they charge.
> George Booth in Snowy Colorado

They may not be worth it as far as reflectors go, but if you have a tall
tank and the lights are at eye level, they can be very useful. Opening
a hood and getting a close up inspection of 160w VHOs can be a painful

Jon Wilson