Need help on tank upgrade

> From: KB Koh <KB_Koh at ccm_ipn.intel.com>
> I'm also thinking of adding the substrate heater this time. I'm
> just worried about what would happen when pulling out the plants,
> especially the big one. Would this mess up the whole cable setup?

The roots will tend to grow around the cable and you need to exercise
care when removing a big plant.  I have found that the best way is to
carefully pull up the plant one root at a time.  I have recently
removed an enormous E. osiris from our 90 g tank and a humongous
(rather much larger than enormous) E. horemanii from our 120 g tank.
Both came out with out disturbing the coils, but it was a 30 minute
operation in both cases. 

George Booth in Snowy Colorado