Re: (Q) Madagascar Laceleaf (Aponogeton fenestralis)

>From: PacoIII at aol_com
>Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 11:18:59 -0500
>Subject: (Q) Madagascar Laceleaf (Aponogeton fenestralis)
>  I went to my local store and found this lovely plant.  I'm going a little
>crazy buying plants and this one is a little expensive as plants go that is,
> I only have a little information about this plant so I was wondering if
>someone could give me some help on it.   It said in  " Aqualink/aquatic plant
>list" that it's difficult to maintain,  I will give it my full attention, It
>likes to have DIM to MED light ( what does that mean?), high in nutrients
>(how much and what should I use),   a regular supply of Iron (how much and
>what do I use). Can anyone help,  Please, this is a beutiful  plant and I
>would love to make it happy in it's new home.
>                                 Sincerely,
>                                      PacoIII at aol_com

I have been growing one for about the last 6 months and it is doing fine.
I don't do anything special for the plant beyond the usual basic plant
growing techniques (i.e., adequate light, frequent water changes, and
addition of lateriate and iron supplements).  Apparently, the usual
problem with this species is that when and if it goes through a dormant
period it does not recover.  A recent article in the FAMA (11/95) suggests
that henkelianus variety may be easier to grow.

Bob Hoffman
Huntington Beach, CA