(Q) Madagascar Laceleaf (Aponogeton fenestralis)

  I went to my local store and found this lovely plant.  I'm going a little
crazy buying plants and this one is a little expensive as plants go that is,
 I only have a little information about this plant so I was wondering if
someone could give me some help on it.   It said in  " Aqualink/aquatic plant
list" that it's difficult to maintain,  I will give it my full attention, It
likes to have DIM to MED light ( what does that mean?), high in nutrients
(how much and what should I use),   a regular supply of Iron (how much and
what do I use). Can anyone help,  Please, this is a beutiful  plant and I
would love to make it happy in it's new home.
                                      PacoIII at aol_com