Re: Which T8 bulbs to buy?

>From: krombhol at felix_TECLink.Net (Paul Krombholz)
>Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 22:18:46 -0600
>Subject: Which T8 bulbs to buy?
>I recently got four electronic balasts (for $24.95 each) that can run 48
>inch, 36 inch, or 24 inch T8 bulbs.  I had hoped to find plant bulbs in 48
>inch and 24 inch lengths, such as gro and sho or gro-lux in the T8 size,
>but the electrical supply companies in Jackson, MS have not been able to
>find any in their catalogs.  Somewhat of a bummer after all the talk
>recently in this mailing list about how the T8 bulbs are better.  Does
>anybody know of a manufacturer who makes T8 plant bulbs?  If not, what T8
>bulbs are people using?
>Many thanks in advance,
>Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174
Hi Paul,

I found some T8 bulbs from Philips that look promising for a plant tank. The
part number for the 48" length is F32T8/TL850. It is a full spectrum lamp
with a color temp of 5000K, which is what you need for a plant tank.
Grainger sells them for $4.64 each.(Their stock #5U861) A real bargain!
Unfortunatly, that same bulb is not available in a 24" length, at least not
from Phillips. I think Karen Randall is using GE lamps. It may be that they
offer a suitable T8 lamp in the 24" length.

I haven't switched to T8 lamps yet, but I plan to at my next scheduled
relamping in about 6 months. 


Jay Bickford

Fort Smith, Ar.