Lighting for a 29G

Subject: Advice on lighting for 29 gallon tank


> I was wondering what the best "budget" lighting setup is for a 2
> tank. 


> Should I instead get a glass top 
> strips of light? Should I get 2 strips and one of them with 2 bu
> The problem is also that both the filter and the heater come out
> tank, so a glass top is going to be hard to fit.
> Also, what is the most economical way of getting all this? 

Don't know if it's the most economical, but certainly the easiest 
solution is to use a single strip and a double strip on a glass 
top.  That's how I lit my 29 until a friend built me a custom 
hood.  The light was adequate for moderate light plants.  A 29G is 
tough to light due to it's short length.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA