Sulfur Smell In Tap Water

The water I get from Allentown tends to be very hard (>300ppm) and usually contains
too much nitrates (20 to 60ppm) and occasionally high phosphates (> 5ppm).
Consequentially, I'm always in the hunt for a good water source.
I friend of mine, who is into salt water aquariums, uses water from his well.
The water is also hard (both KH & GH) and contains unmeasurable amounts of nitrates
and phosphates. But, the water has a very strong smell of sulfur.

I searched the net and couldn't get a lot of information about sulfur and 
the planted tank.  TOA indicates that S04 concentrations in various plant aquatic
habitats are in the 0-2ppm range and "mains" water can be in the 200ppm range.
Since I can easily smell sulfur, I'm guessing that the SO4 concentration
must be above 200ppm.

Since I can get to my friend's house about once a week, I can easily get
15 to 20 gallons of this water.  I'm guessing that I don't want this much
SO4 dumped into my tank. But, if I could easily filter out the sulfur,
I could mix it with DI water and get about the right mixture of water.

Anyone know if active carbon or the Poly filter by Poly-Bio Marine
can filter out SO4?  Anyone know of a inexpensive filter that will work.
If S04 behaves like most salts, then I'm stuck with RO or DI filtering and
it wouldn't be worth it to use this water.

I really envy all you who can use water straight out of the tap.  It sure
is a pain to routinely change your aquarium water when it takes so much 
work to get descent water.

Ron Wozniak  Allentown PA, USA
rjw at aluxpo_att.com