Cold weather shipping

Subject: Cold weather shipping

> I would suggest using Priority Mail from the USPS for shipping p
> under two pounds ship for $3.00, and the post office will provid
> cardboard box for free. Include delivery instructions on the add
> thus: KEEP FROM FREEZING-HOLD AT PO. Write the instructions prom
> above and below the address. Your carrier will notify you when t
> arrives.

I would agree with all of the above except for the box.  Instaed 
of cardboard, go to your local veterinarian's office and ask them 
for left over styrofoam boxes from shipping vaccines.  They usual 
just throw these away, and are glad to,have someone recycle them. 
They are smaller than the average fish box... just about the 
perfect size for shipping small groups of plants.  They are 
usually filled with either styro "peanuts or bubble pack as well. 

All these materials are light weight, insulate well, and keep 
plants from moving around excessively within the box.  If packed 
with minimal water, (which is the way plants should be shipped 
anyway, just wrap them in very wet newspaper and close them in an 
uninflated plastic fish bag) I find that they almost always come 
in under the 2lb/$3 limit.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA