Re: Plants for African Rift Lake Tank.

Yo Plant People!
            Well let me just say right from the get go I am a fish person 
keeping plants, but don't hold it against me. My first love (well after my
wife that is :)   ) is African Rift Lake cichlids, now because I love 
planted tanks as well I have spent considerable time and effort 
attempting to grow plants under conditions of very hard water 15-20 
dGH, pH above 7.8 and to 8.2, KH also very high as I filter my 
water through crushed coral (I can hear the gasps of all you 
true aquatic gardners who keep tea water as soft as a 
feather). The plants I have had success with are limited, yet so have 
been my attempts at different species. Out of the ten to twelve species 
of plants I have tried about eight to ten have done very well. 
    They include: Ludwigia repens (of some sort), Hygrophila polysperma,
Hygrophila difformis, Echinodorus bleheri, Ceratopteris cornuta, 
Ceratopteris thalictroides, Vesicularia dubyana, Lemma minor, Cabomba 
caroliniana, and Ceratophyllum demersum. 
  My question then is what other plants have people out there found 
do well under such conditions as listed above? If anyone out there is 
keeping a planted Rift Lake tank what plants are you keeping??