Cold weather shipping

WORKINGSW at aol_com wrote:
> Anyway: I can't send it till after Xmas! If you live somewhere cold,
> please let me know if you want it 1st class mail or UPS (is it less
> likely to sit on a frigid doorstep for 7 hours with one or t'other?)
> - also please let me know if you definitely want it sent to the
> address you gave me, or would work or an always-home neighbor be
> better.

I would suggest using Priority Mail from the USPS for shipping plants. Items
under two pounds ship for $3.00, and the post office will provide a very nice
cardboard box for free. Include delivery instructions on the address label,
thus: KEEP FROM FREEZING-HOLD AT PO. Write the instructions prominently, both
above and below the address. Your carrier will notify you when the parcel

Bob (in West Virginia)