Mini-White broccili Problem

  I woke up this morning to find Mini-white Brocilli all over my plants and
Glass. The size  is about one-half of a milimeter (.05mm),  I don't know what
to do about this life form.  I have recently put a bowl in of live tubalafex
worms, had a problem with Ich, and added some gravel (3 cups).  I don't see
it on my gravel.  I am now going to preform a water change to see if I can
get it under control,  I would like to mention that I just changed my DIY
CO2, added a one small red christmas light, 5 tungston lights (@20w) and 1
haligon lamp @ 60w
     I would like to understand this, So if anyone can I would really be in
your debt.
                             Sincerely,    PacoIII at AOL_COM
FW  Tank=45, pH=6.7>, NO2=0 - .25, NH3=.025+, dKH=?, set-up for 3 months, 
  lights=Floresint=1 new 20W full spectrum plus 2 VERY old 20W generic Aqua
plus 5 (20W each) tungston lights plus 1 haligon 80w light
  Fliters= UGF not working, plus back filter Niagara 200?
  Gravel= Sand (Montery) cleaned and kilned
  Temp=80' C   ;-),  Water changed= Bi-monthly,Tap Water at 1/3 changed
  Fertilizer=Tetre FloraPride+Tetre Initial Sticks(plants only) plus Kent
FW_P with Iron
  Fish=12 Tetra,5 Barbs,1clown L.,1 Rainbow shark, 1 C.A.E., 1 Crab (missing)
   Total Inch.=24in. Feed 3xday flake plus misc.