Utah plant enthusiasts

Steve wrote (in response to Jennifer):

If I may be nosey, which city/town do you hail from in Utah? I collect
names and locations for anybody who wants to contact aquatic-plant
enthusiasts in their local area for the purposes of acquiring plants etc.

There are at least three of us "Plant Nuts" on this list that are from Salt
Lake.  If you (Jennifer) are interested in any plants please get in touch
with me and I can give you the email addresses of the other two. We
usually throw away quite a few plants that could use a good home.
Watch for me, Keith Rogers, or Ross Livingston to post to the list.

Brad Lauchnor   blauchno at email_state.ut.us   S.L.C., Utah

P.S. from your email address are you a student at the U. of U.?