Re: Ramshorn snails and plants?

From: ean at primenet_com (Eric Neustadter)
>I recently discovered what appears to be a young ramshorn snail in my 80g
>plant tank.  I'm tempted to keep him/her/it around, but I'd like to hear
>what people think as far as how kind (or brutal) it and its' descendants
>will be to my plants.

>TIA from Phoenix.

As far as I know, they don't harm plants except for Hygrophila polysperma,
but those grow so fast it won't be a problem anyway.  I have a bunch of
ramshorn snails in my plant tank, and there's no problem.  BTW, clown
loaches, which eat other snails, don't seem to touch these either.  I have 5
clown loaches with the snails.