Re: Fish ID questions

> Spoke to a fish store owner today who told me about two fish that sound
> good for my planned plant tank. Since one of them's an oto, I thought I'd
> ask here. Can anyone confirm the info? Thank you.
> 1. An oto that doesn't grow more than 1 to 1-1/2" long. I saw them sucking
> on the glass of his tanks. Are there otos that stay so small?

AFAIK, ALL otocinclus will stay this small.  The most common is O.affinis.
These are fine algae eaters and will not annoy your other fish or eat 
plants.  However, they must have wood to nibble on, such as a piece of
driftwood.  Also, they are strictly herbivorous, so after they eat up
your algae please feed them! Sinking food such as for plecos will suit
them just fine.

BTW, just because they are small doesn't mean that oto's like small
aquaria.  They actually do much better in my larger tanks.

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