re: Cycling new tank

>From: Philmguy at aol_com
>Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 00:43:01 -0500
>Subject: Cycling new tank
>I'm about to start up a new 75-gallon tank that will be heavily planted and
>will include substrate heating, with laterite in the substrate, as well as
>CO2 using the yeast method. It would be nice to cycle it quickly and I could
>do that by putting some of the gravel from my present 20-gallon tank, which
>has a UGF, into the canister filter on the new setup. However, I have algae
>problems in the 20-gallon and am afraid that using gravel from that tank
>would give algae a head start in the new tank. I'd appreciate opinions from
>anyone here.

If your tank will be heavily planted, you shouldn't need to cycle it at all as 
the plants will consume the ammonium faster than the fish produce it.  This is 
the method I used to start my most recent plant tank and I have seen none of 
the cycling symptoms associated with the usual fish-only tank.

I also intend to use this method on my 55 next week when I tear it down, move, 
and completely re-do it.