Cycling new tank

> From: Philmguy at aol_com
> I'm about to start up a new 75-gallon tank that will be heavily
> planted and will include substrate heating, with laterite in the
> substrate, as well as CO2 using the yeast method. It would be nice to
> cycle it quickly and I could do that by putting some of the gravel
> from my present 20-gallon tank, which has a UGF, into the canister
> filter on the new setup. However, I have algae problems in the
> 20-gallon and am afraid that using gravel from that tank would give
> algae a head start in the new tank. I'd appreciate opinions from
> anyone here.

I would recommend against trying to cycle it quickly and follow a more
traditional "plant tank" startup cycle.  Plant it heavily immediately
and have an assortment of algae eaters in it immediately.  Don't feed
the algae eaters; force them to scavenge any algae that crops up.  The
tank will cycle naturally and gently (you will need a very good test
kit to see any ammonia or nitrite spikes since the plants use most of
the ammonium) and algae will nto have a chance to get a toehold.
After a month, slowly start to add your specimen fish.  Haste makes