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>Zeb Swinney wrote: 
>>I've seen the small lead stips that are wrapped around the stem of plants 
to >>keep them ancored down.  Will the lead harm the plants or leach into 
the >>water and hurt the fish?  It is toxic to humans and I am leary of 
putting it >>in my tank but it would be useful to ancor the plants without 
using the peat >>blocks.  Are there any other alternatives?

Zeb :

I have always wondered about those lead weights. But they're so convenient 
that I sometimes use them. About 6 months ago I used some to attach some 
Java ferns to a piece of driftwood. By now the ferns have covered the wood 
to a large extent (a very nice effect). However, at the point where I had 
put the lead into a crevice into the wood, there was a nice ring of orange 
around it, and the java ferns did not grow there. Just like those 
antibiotic pads on agar plates. So, it seems there is some toxic effect, at 
least when the lead comes into contact with certain substances (that would 
for instance be found in driftwood). I now tie my java ferns onto things 
with nylon fishing line.
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