Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #130

> From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM
> Date: Thu, 14 Dec 95 14:41:07 PST
> Subject: Juvenile SAE feeding
> I have 10 young SAEs in my tanks. They are still fairly small at
> about 2" each. If I put flake food in they will eagerly take this
> and spend a lot of time actively moving about, nibbling briefly
> Would it be better to do daily or biweekly supplemental feeding
> for the SAEs?
> What kind of a feeding schedule do you SAE owners follow?
> Will SAEs eat live tubifex or brine shrimp?

My SAE's (seven in a 180gal) will eat almost anything. They
especially like the tetra-bits I feed the angels. The problem
is unless you only have algae eaters in the tank you need to
feed the other fish. Fortunately for me the SAEs still seem to
be hungry enough to work on the algae. As long as you have
to feed any of the fish in the tank I wouldn't worry about
the SAEs. The three that I have in a 30gal tank I feed once
every week.

> On a slightly related subject: feeding patterns of Farlowellas,
> my last Farlie died about a week ago. :'( I suspect it might
> have been malnutrition. He didn't seem interested in carrot
> slices or other foods that I tried and I never saw them moving
> around or feeding. Maybe they would have been happier in much
> reduced lighting? What feeding patterns do Farlowellas normally
> follow? Would they be interested in live worms possibly? Maybe
> they only eat a specific kind of algae that was lacking in my
> environment? How active should they normally be during daylight
> or at night time?

Humm.... my three Farlowellas in the 180gal eat like pigs all the
time. I have never seen them eating anything other then algae on
the plants (esp the swords). I am running (8) 40W bulbs over the
tank for 10hours a day. Although they do spend a fair amount of time
sitting on the sword plants, at least one will almost always be
actively eating.

> Thanks for any advice or comments.
> Steve Pushak      spush at hcsd_hac.com    Vancouver, BC, Canada


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