Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #130

> Would it be better to do daily or biweekly supplemental feeding 
> for the SAEs?
> What kind of a feeding schedule do you SAE owners follow?

Our SAE eat when the other fish eat, twice a day (morning and

> Will SAEs eat live tubifex or brine shrimp?

They seem to eat anything. 

> What feeding patterns do Farlowellas normally follow? 

They eat when they want to eat. 

> Would they be interested in live worms possibly? 

I doubt it. 

> Maybe they only eat a specific kind of algae that was lacking in my
> environment?

Maybe they don't like vermiculite fumes :-)

> How active should they normally be during daylight or at night time?

They seem to hang on Echinodorus stems during the day.  I suppose they
eat algae at night, but it's usually too dark to tell.