Power outage experience

A few years ago we lost power for 5 days in 20 F weather. I could do
nothing but wrap all the tanks in blankets and comforters to try and
retain the heat (we have a 100% electric house). Fish did not start
dying until about day 3 when the temps sunk to the mid-50s F, and this
only in the smaller (20g and less) tanks.  In all the tanks under 90g
I had 100% losses; the 90g, the only `plant' tank, was in the only
room with some heat (from a fireplace) and the water temp never
dropped below 55 F.  I only lost about 15% of the fish in that tank
... until I did something stupid.  When the electricity came back on I
immediately started up the trickle filter and heaters; within two
hours I lost over half of the remaining fish in the 90. I'm not sure
if it was a result of mixing possible temperate zones in the water or
if toxins had built up in the filter or whatever, but I would be
careful bringing a tank back after a long power outage if I were
you. And BTW, all of the plants in the 90 seemed to survive OK.

Dan Resler

Dept. of Mathematical Sciences            
Virginia Commonwealth University           
Richmond, VA                                    
23284-2014 USA
email: resler at liberty_mas.vcu.edu