Re: HK Pleco and Java Fern

KB Koh wrote:
> A friend of mine mentioned about Hong Kong Pleco to clean the algae. Any
> one on the list ever have any experience with it? I'm thinking of
> trying it out but hesitate as it may eat my plants and costing 12X run
> of the mill pleco.

Although I have no experience with Hong Kong Pleco's, they are said to
be difficult to keep long since they like lower temp than in typical
tropical aquarium.  Books says they don't eat much algae.  And I guess
they don't damage your plants.  So, try, but don't expect much.

> My new Java Fern has a lots of baby plants on one of its leaves. When
> should I remove them for planting. I need figures like how long should
> it get, the blade, roots and all. Thanks.

From my observation, baby plants often comes from damaged leaves.  If it
is the case, I would suggest leaving them as they are as long as the baby
plants get too large or the leaves on which the babies are growing look
too bad.

 - Shinji