algae eating sharks (SAE)

Matt Rhoten wrote:

>There was a previous posting here from someone somewhere whose
>retailer started stocking "Algae Eating Sharks" as well, but I don`t
>remember what species they turned out to be.

I was one of the posters from here in the cold midwest (Chicago `burbs)

They`re the real thing cleared up my red algae in 3 days. One of the 4 I
bought did turn out to be c. oblongus however.  I decided to keep it to 
observe it`s behavior and eating habits.

Unfortunately it`s beginning to harass the real SAE`s.  Also whenever I
drop in a piece of algae wafer (intended for 2 bristlenose pl*cos)
he immediately claims it and gets into a vicious battle with the largest
SAE (~twice it`s size) over it.  If it keeps up the aggression toward
the SAE`s I`m afraid C. oblongus will have to become "see not-among-us"<g>

Stephen Morrison