Power failure related topics

Thanks to "severe weather" I lost power at 3 am last night. What passes for
severe weather in this part of California is about 36 hours of rain. I'm
sure glad it doesn't snow here, given the responsiveness of the power

After having to put bottles filled with hot water in my tanks every hour or
so trying to keep the temperature healthy, it got me wondering :

1. Are there battery powered heaters? Probably won't last too long though...
   My apartment doesn't have a gas furnace so I can't just turn up the heat.

2. What happens to solenoid valves for CO2 injectors when the power dies?
   My yeast reactor is the only piece of equipment still working.

3. Short of getting a UPS, what can be done?

For those of you in colder places, hope you're better prepared than I am.
It wasn't so bad, but I sure could use some sleep...