Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #121

>It seems that every other day I have my hand in the water to try
>something new.  Maybe that's my problem, I worry to much.  I WANT
>ALLOTS OF GREEN.  so I came across the yeast generating CO2 set-up.
>I'll give it a try,  So its been set up for three days now and well,
>I don't
>know.  I'm trying it, I hope I'll have good luck,  But I'm (yes that
>I'M) worried, All in all my plants are doing O.K. some grow slow so
>fast, I don't know how to get my dKH (carbonate hardness),  my
>question is
>should I be staying away from this until I have figured out my
>requirement and Iron supplements and the other test that I should
>take into account, or should I just run with it.

     Run with it man!  Run!  Any CO2 is better than _NO_ CO2!  I think
you will see an improvement. (I am assuming that you have at least
REASONABLE light.)  
     Now about all of this filtation stuff.  Why are you running a
powerhead?  For a (gasp) under gravel filter! The ammount of
filtration needed for a thriving plant tank is suprisingly minimal.
I'd take a guess that your back filter would suffice.
     So how are you running your CO2 into the tank?  I run my CO2 line
right into the uptake for my back filter myself and it does a
beautifull job of shredding the CO2 into a fine mist.

Justin Frese
Fresno, California