Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #119

Karen, Thanks, and I think I'll follow your advice to the letter! Oh
Honey...<G> I actually think I can figure this out. Thanks also to Greg Tong,
Yes I can do this, I have to get money again, I'm still suffering the great
Discus/RO system IMPULSE. Hey, while I have Everyone here, I have been meaning
to report to all about my results after adding Dupla stuff to my main plant
tank (the Discus tank). UNBELIEVABLE is the word for the results. I added
Laterite, No UG heating, The Plant tabs at weekly water changes, (I change the
water 3 X/ week, but only add tabs 1 X/week), Duplagan at water changes, and
the daily drops when I remember to add them, more or less daily. E. Bleiry (I
really Mangled that) is now Flowering all aver the tank, the Apontogeton has 4
flower spikes, the Nyphea has floating leaves, the val is hanging in there, the
other sword (huge when I got it, I think it must be Brazilian? It kept growing
up out of the tank, I kept moving the lights up. but I finally cut all the
leaves off in hopes that it would send up shorter stems. I know it needs leaves
to photosynthesize, but I did it anyway. The tank just seems BALANCED. (Sorry)
I wanted to tell everyone who is thinking of using the Dupla regimen, it works
for me! I am working on changing the water from softened water to RO water, pH
is still around 7.4, temp is 82, no nitrates, I don't have a PO4 kit, DIY
CO2/yeast. I forget what the last concentration from the charts (of CO2) was.
It finally looks GOOD.

Carol Darnell