Real Or False SAEs in NJ?

> From: aaronson <aaronson at buttercup_cybernex.net>

> I purchased 3 Siamensis (yes, they are definitely the real thing, I 
> checked at the store in Baensch's Atlas) from The Pet Shanty on Route 22 

You might be disappointed.  Baensch is backwards!  i.e., it switches the 
true siamensis with the false one!

Just to add my 2 cents in with this one, I found 2-3 stores here in
Seattle selling "Thai Flying Foxes" again.  When little, they look very
much like the baby SAEs, so much that I went "woah!" when I passed by the
tank.  But they probably aren't them!  The "thai flying fox" I've raised
have turned out to be (Garra taeniata, based on Niel and Liisa's article). 

   - Erik

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