helpful hint on Laterite

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     Problem : how DO you get that messy laterite powder into an 
     established aquarium?
     Solution 1 : (not so good) buy granules and stick them in. Problem 
     with this : nice round Dupla K pellets very expensive. Other 
     "granules" end up having a lot of powder in them anyways -- so you 
     waste a lot.
     Solution 2 : Buy the powder! Get a syringe ( or similar implemet 
     (?turkey baster) - cut off the end, pour the laterite powder into 
     syringe (using a funnel). Hold end of full syring with your finger. 
     Put the syringe at the surface of your gravel -- remove finger -- push 
     syringe into gravel (near root zone) -- push plunger thereby injecting 
     Laterite powder into gravel -- remove syringe, and push surface gravel 
     into "hole". Voila - no mess !! I have done this a number of times 
     with a 10 cc syringe, and the water is a little cloudy for 6-12 hours, 
     but clears up quickly. Just last week, I was able to place 1 lb. of 
     Laterite powder in a 55 gal aquarium heavily planted aquarium in 30 
     Pelham NY