Re: Siamensis Spotting in NJ!

Adam Aronson says.....

>I purchased 3 Siamensis (yes, they are definitely the real thing, I 
>checked at the store in Baensch's Atlas) from The Pet Shanty on Route 22 
>in Scotch Plains (?? - or whatever town Bowcraft Amusement Park is in).  
>If you plan on buying some (they were $1.99 each or three for $4.50) 
>mention that you read of their availability on the internet, they'll be 
>happy to hear that!
>Bye bye algae!

I hate to spoil your Christmas but....
Baensch has been known to be wrong, and in this case, if it is Vol. 1,
English Edition, he is.

Don't feel bad. I haven't stopped drinking since I bought my three
"algae-eating sharks" last week. Maybe we could launch a class action
suit claiming that decisions taken due to misinformation in his Atlas
resulted in irreparable damage to the hobby and psychic trauma for
several unlucky aquatic gardeners.