Re: Thiel Laterite

I've used the Thiel laterite in several tanks, including a 120 gallon with
very lush growth.  The only differences I noted between Thiel and Dupla are
that the Thiel is lighter colored and seems to stick to the gravel better.
In a few of the Dupla tanks, I often see laterite that has worked it's way
to the surface, although this doesn't seem to be a problem in tanks with the
"proper" gravel size and texture.  

In the 120 with Thiel laterite, about the only plants I wonder about are the
pigmy chain swords in the foreground.  They grow well regardless, but when
I'm not adding CO2, their leaves look to be fairly transparent and
deteriorating, regardless of any "fertilizers" I add to the gravel or water.
This probably has nothing to do with the brand of laterite (more likely a
lighting/CO2 imbalance or some pleco grazing), but it's the one thing that
makes me wonder if I'd been better off using Dupla).