Goldfish on acid

>From: dwebb at ti_com (David W. Webb)
>Date: Fri, 08 Dec 95 16:10:47 CST
>Subject: re:Goldfish experiment (plus an alternative)
>experiment because each of these acids strong acids.  And you want to test
>acid at only three concentrations:  pH 6.75, pH 6.5, and pH 6.25.

David's suggestion for testing the cleaning power of plants is great.

The goldfish experiment is curious for many reasons. The main reason is
that we haven't been told what the hypothesis is. Another thing Jerrod
should know is that goldfish do not like acid conditions. Acidity will harm
them because they prefer base water, pH 7.2 to 8 is best. At pH 6.5 and
6.25, there is a real risk of poisoning.

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