Re: Algae-eating sharks

Stephen Morrison said.....
>I have also found SAE`s being sold as "algae eating sharks".  This was at
>the Petland store in Naperville Illinois.  Apparently the wholesalers in 
>the U.S. feel algae eating shark is more marketable than siamese algae
>Having never seen an live SAE before, I read Neil and Liisa`s article on
>the AGA homepage and examined the 4 fish I brought home more closely.
>Three are real SAE`s (passed the red algae test) but the fourth fits the
>description of crossocheilus oblongus.  When compared to an SAE of equal
>length, c. oblongus has a slightly higher body IMHO, kind of neon tetra-
>ish at least compared to SAE`s CAE type shape.  Does anyone else agree or
>could I have yet another related fish.  In all other respects it fits
>the article`s description of c. oblongus (transparent fins, black stripe
>ends at tail, 2 pairs of barbels, etc.)
>I`m out of time but hope to add a few more comments soon.

Interesting that you should say that. The largest of the three fish
that I purchased is starting to look more and more like a false SAE.
Three weeks should tell. What a piss off!

Re: Advance ballast for T-8s

If it costs $15 in the U.S., Can$30 or Can$40 is a good deal for Ottawa.